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West Coast LEAF intervenes in cases that will contribute to gender equality in British Columbia and Canada. Our current and past cases can be found on our cases page. Below we have provided some answers to frequently asked questions about our litigation work in the courts.

HMK v Tsang [2023]

Case summary This case is about how courts approach credibility analysis in sexual assault cases. In this case, the complainant alleged that she was sexually assaulted by the accused while she was affected by alcohol consumption. At the BC Supreme Court, the trial judge convicted the accused of sexual assault, finding that the survivor’s account that … Read more HMK v Tsang [2023]

R. v Kirkpatrick [2021]

Case summary This case is about whether the Criminal Code recognizes that a person can consent to sex on the condition that their partner wears a condom. When a person insists on condom use, does their partner commit sexual assault if they sabotage their condom, remove their condom during sex without their partner’s knowledge (a practice often … Read more R. v Kirkpatrick [2021]