Areas that drive our work

As part of our community-engaged legal practice, we work to ensure that many of the most critical issues affecting women and people who experience gender-based discrimination in BC (and in many cases, throughout Canada) are addressed with legal support, education, and advocacy.

our six areas of work include

Young woman carrying protest sign that reads "End rape culture".
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We approach all of the issues we work on through an inclusive and intersectional vision of gender equity and commitment to decolonization—from reducing barriers to healthcare services, to increasing access to the legal system, and eradicating inequalities in our economic and justice systems to ensuring the preservation of basic human rights.

Take action for justice and equity!

Single Mothers’ Alliance v BC: Taking the fight for family law legal aid to court [2019]

In BC, most applications for family law legal aid are denied outright or the legal support…

Five lawyers from West Coast LEAF and the Centre for Family Equity stand in front of the BC Law Courts.

Child Welfare Advocacy Communities of Practice

This project focused on building spaces for advocacy to improve outcomes for families engaged in the family policing system, as well as those who support them…

Gender Equality Report Card

The Gender Equality Report Card is an ongoing project that assesses the BC government’s progress in advancing gender equality, by asking where government action is overdue…

T.L. v the Attorney General of BC et al. [2021]

This case is about the constitutionality of s. 96 of BC’s child welfare legislation, the Child, Family, and Community Service Act. Under s. 96…