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Changing tides

Organization development, learning, relearning and unlearning

Transformation goal and relevant UNDRIP, TRC and/or Calls for Justice followed by emergent strategies (rewrite this intro to make it clear the strategies are inside the accordians):

Emergent strategies to implement this goal:

  • Permission seeking process with MST Elder’s Circle with Elder Doris with staff and board
  • Revise and define core organizational values in partnership with Indigenous Advisory and Board
  • Revise WCL’s commitment and purpose statement for this work through board and staff subcommittee with guidance from IA
  • Develop process for visiting and working on other homelands with guidance of the IA and key partners

Emergent strategies to implement this goal:

  • Continue bimonthly decolonization readings
  • Book studies – Work through a book over a year
  • Guest speakers that speak on a variety/Workshop
  • Require all staff to participate in cultural safety training
  • Require all staff to participate in anti-Indigenous racism workshop
  • Determine frequency which training must be participated in
  • Ensure our commitments to reconciliation, decolonization and addressing white and settler supremacy and anti-Indigenous racism are woven into individual staff work plans.
  • The Board to develop their own learning and work plan
  • Hosting annual joint board and Indigenous Advisory gathering
  • Implement relevant learning through annual retreats

Our goal is to ensure equitable and meaningful access to the existing legal system, while promoting decolonization, Indigenous self-determination, and alternative visions and pathways to justice. This includes access to: 

  • Representation for all women and people experiencing gender-based discrimination, especially in family law
  • Judicial resolutions of equality law claims, under both the Charter and human rights law
  • Just outcomes from the legal system
  • Access to culturally competent services/Indigenous laws and legal systems
  • Education aimed at empowering people to understand their legal and non-legal options and the supports available to deal with legal problems

Work in progress

We work to expand access to justice by observing and tracking trends, consulting with community partners, and working on select legal cases that affect access to justice for individuals and groups who experience intersecting forms of marginalization.

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